The Event Social Action
Involved areas
Education & Literacy

  • Books and libraries creation;
  • Collection cataloguing;
  • School material;
  • Libraries digitalization;
  • School psychology;
  • Concept multiplication;
  • School certification;
  • Photo and video workshops;
  • Digital rooms.


  • Dentistry: orientation and prevention; setting of brushing rooms; attending and prosthesis.
  • Ophthalmology: orientation and diagnosis; sight exams and glasses donations.
  • Clinical attendance: blood pressure and diabetes diagnosis; cardiology; gynecology;
  • General practitioner: pediatrician and pharmacies for the communities.


  • Community vegetable gardens and tree planting in schools;
  • Environmental preservation and garbage separation;
  • Recycling and painting in recycled materials;
  • Food usage.


  • Theater plays and story telling;
  • Community cinema;
  • Presentations and incentive to local culture;
  • Photo exhibits.
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